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TSBEP Temporary Restraining Order
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Dear Texas Psychologist,

The Texas Psychological Association (TPA) continues to fight for your profession and maintaining the doctoral standard for the independent practice of psychology. As you know, our state board (TSBEP) recently proposed rule changes that would change this standard and allow Licensed Psychological Associates (LPAs) to practice psychology independently. This proposal was not based on any research indicating that the level of training an LPA receives is appropriate or sufficient for independent practice, but rather was driven by questions concerning whether requiring supervision of LPAs violates anti-competitive laws. It should be noted that attorneys with the American Psychological Association (APA) have carefully reviewed this case and have concluded that the proposed rule change is not warranted on the basis of anti-trust concerns.

Even though many of you responded with clear concerns and cogent arguments against these rule changes, we have been informed that TSBEP is planning to move forward and adopt the rules anyway. Thus, TPA has hired the law firm of Naman Howell Smith & Lee to pursue legal means of stopping TSBEP from adopting rules that would eliminate the doctoral standard for the independent practice of psychology. 

This week, we filed a lawsuit in my name (per court requirements) seeking a temporary restraining order and temporary injunction which will stop TSBEP from moving forward with any rule changes without performing the appropriate economic impact studies required by law when a state agency proposes any rule changes.
 We fully expect this approach to be successful and allow us time to work with TSBEP to address the issues that concern them, without a significant cost to our state agency. However, should it become necessary, TPA is also prepared to enter into a full legal battle regarding the substantive issue of arbitrarily changing the educational and training requirements for the independent practice of psychology.

This legal action on behalf of your profession has only been possible because of the donations received to support the TPA Legal Defense Fund and our newly established "Save Our Profession" fund. Most of these donations were used to hire our expert lobbyist for the Special Session, but we will also use some funds to assist us with legal efforts in fighting for our profession. If you have already donated, THANK YOU! Your donation was critically important and is being put to good use. 

This is a crucial time for psychology in Texas. TSBEP exists for the protection of the public. TPA is the ONLY organization that works to protect YOU, your profession, and standards for the practice of psychology in Texas. We are psychologists just like you, with limited time and funds, working to protect our shared profession. We need you to join us in this fight. Give money or time or both -- there are many ways to help. First and foremost, join TPA; we will have greater strength with greater numbers. Please also consider donating to the PAC or to the Save our Profession fund. Just click the button -- it's that easy!



Carol A. Grothues, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

2017 President, Texas Psychological Association

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