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Hours of GOOD provided by Texas Psychologists in 2016

More than 4,600 licensed psychologists in Texas work daily to provide GOOD through the profession of psychology in both their workplaces and in their communities. Texas citizens are receiving hours upon hours of GOOD from psychologists throughout the state. 
Become a part of an intellectual community...
TPA’s membership is comprised of more than 1,500 practicing psychologists and graduate students in the state of Texas. We recognize and appreciate the value that each one of our members contributes to our association.

TPA is dedicated to working on your behalf. Your support and involvement is critical in protecting and maintaining the doctoral standard for the independent practice of psychology, and the maintaining of your license to practice it. TPA is the ONLY organization fighting for legislative and regulatory processes that will allow you to continue to provide the highest-quality of mental health care.
Moreover, through TPA you have the opportunity to contribute to the development of your profession in many different ways—while we strive to offer the services and assistance you need to successfully grow and participate in your profession.


2017 Sunset Legislative Review


What is a Sunset Legislative Review? Why does it matter to psychologists that 2017 is a Sunset year? 

Every 12 years, the State of Texas reviews all the regulated professions. The purpose of this review is to determine the agency’s relevance to the public, and whether the state should continue to license these professions.


Read more below about what Sunset is and how it affects you and your profession.              

Mental Health Awareness Month

Join the Texas Psychological Association as we observe Mental Health Awareness Month with The Psychology of Mental Health: Highlighting Mental Health Needs + Options in Texas.


Mental health needs and options are as vast and varied as the citizens within our state, and throughout this month TPA will highlight just a few of the needs and options provide by Texas psychologists.

House Mental Health Select Committee Hearing


President Dr. Gregory Simonsen testified on behalf of TPA at the Texas House of Representatives Mental Health Select Committee hearing on April 28. 


The Committee heard from numerous mental health providers about the state of the mental healthcare system in Texas.


If you are interested, you can watch the recorded hearing by clicking the link below. 





Member Spotlight:
The Good Psychologists Do

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Elena Mikalsen, Ph.D.

As a Pediatric Psychologist in Texas, I have been privileged to work in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. My current position involves an academic appointment at Baylor College of Medicine, a clinical appointment as a Pediatric Psychologist for Baylor College of Medicine and an Administrative appointment as a Section Chief of Psychology at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, the first free-standing children’s hospital in San Antonio. My time is equally split among clinical work, administrative duties, and advocacy in an area of Texas that is very culturally diverse, but also very underserved when it comes to mental health.  READ MORE

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